Youth learning path through rehabilitative outsider art-photo


OUTART’s main activities are planned to address over 100 young people from five European countries. Together with 20 youth workers, these young people are gaining technical photographic skills while being exposed to a creative process that inspires and engages.



Cultural activities are important in order to stimulate broader cultural thinking and examine the artistic viewpoint. Young people develop their sense of empathy and self-awareness when considering the artist’s viewpoint and questioning motives and objectives. Visits to galleries and museums, attending classroom workshops, reading books and artistic magazines, watching videos and projections, etc will help to stimulate cultural awareness of the young people involved in OUTART.







Acquiring basic technical knowledge is essential to facilitate freedom of creativity when taking photos. Four hands-on training sessions are devised to provide this knowledge including topics on how to use the camera and photography equipment, taking artistic photos, editing photos, etc. In each session there is first a theoretical element which is followed by the participants practicing the concepts studied in a more practical format with the cameras. 





Activities are divided into 6 workshops to facilitate creativity through personal and artistic expression. The workshop topics are suggested by the young people and selected by the partners for correlation between each country. The workshop design is to give focus to a certain area of interest and to utilise the broad range of photographic skills the young people are learning. Each workshop is an attempt to stimulate interpersonal communication, to learn new skills and to develop abilities for self-evaluation, to encourage creativity and reflection, and to encourage the feeling of being part of a team. The young people are constantly in a position of decision making, affording them autonomy and the power to express emotions through creative photography.




Photography exhibitions will allow the young people to show their creativity and exhibit their work to a wider audience. A local exhibition will be held in each country to show each person’s creative, artistic photographs to the public. As the project comes to a close there will be an International European Photography Exhibition held in Germany. This exhibition is open for people who have and haven’t taken part in the project and there will be a section of the locally selected best photos of each country from during the project.  There will be prizes for the best photography from the project and also from the open call group and these will be announced at the exhibition award ceremony. There will be both an audience award, online Facebook public vote, and a jury prize. The jury will be made up of a selection of the young people who took part in the workshops, now in their new role as photography experts.





This section will be completed at the end of OUTART project. We want to show the views and impression of the young people after they have finished the project. Each country will interview, video, photo collage, or put an online portfolio to show their opinions and experiences throughout the project.





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