Youth learning path through rehabilitative outsider art-photo


OUTART partners have prepared five YOUTH CASE STUDIES to share with us some success stories about OUTART and its activities. All the partners chose video format to prepare it and explain the most important milestones and impact in the youngsters’ lives during the last 18 months.

INTRAS prepared an interview to Ángel, one of the young participants in the OUTART course in Spain. He explained about his best experience in the project, the topics dealt during the workshops, the skills acquired, etc. HUSCIE Ireland made an interview to the four trainees that attended the OUTART European photo exhibition in Frechen. They talked about the things learnt, about the international experience lived in Germany, what the OUTART course meant for them, etc.  The Finnish group, SISIS, prepared a photo composition that, indeed, is a complete summary of most of the activities done in the project, so it is a great dissemination tool. In CJD, one of the participants introduced the European photo exhibition shown in Frechen and also he told some conclusions about his personal experience in the project. Finally, SENT made a summary of the OUTART project and two of the Slovenian participants, Ester Franca and Aleš Mejak, explained about their feelings in the project and its benefits. 

All the case studies are available in the OUTART Facebook page, we invite you to click here (published in May-June 2014) so you can get informed about some of the most relevant activities performed within the OUTART project and the different views of the five partners involved. You will realize about the benefits of the photography as a rehabilitation and educative tool. 



On Friday 16th May 2014 a ceremony awards took place in Frechen, Germany, just at the end of the European Photo Exhibition. There, some of the young participants in the OutArt initiative were in charge of announcing the name of the Audience prize (open to any youngster willing to participate in the contest and chosen by general public using Facebook) and also to select and announce the Jury prize, where the best 20 photos per country taken during the OutArt project competed. The criteria evaluated by the jury were the visual impact, the ability of the photograph to communicate a message, a feeling or emotion, composition, originality and technical competency. Two photos tied, so we had two jury winners. The winners were a boy from Germany and a girl from Finland, and both photos were taken during the workshop “Me and my word”. Do you like their works?

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The week of 12th May 2014, a European photo exhibition was held in Frechen, Germany, hosted by the CJD team. There, some of the best photos taken during the OutArt workshops in Spain, Slovenia, Germany, Ireland and Finland were shown to general public. Moreover, 25 representatives (youth workers and young participants) from the five working groups attended to this international event on 15th and 16th and were in charge of selecting the best photo of the exhibition. It was an intercultural team working experience very enriching for these youngsters that use to have fewer opportunities to meet people from other countries and to participate in an experience like this. Even, they had the chance to present the OutArt project to the Mayor of Frechen!

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