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INTRAS, standing for Research and Treatment in Mental Health, is a non-profit organisation aiming to improve the quality of life of people with any kind of mental illness and, in particular, young people with learning difficulties and/or behavioral disorders. We develop activities and offer different services for our target group such as educational and training programmes, psychosocial rehabilitation and professional guidance counseling. Nowadays, INTRAS is composed of 8 centres and 80 professionals from psychological, educational and social fields, who combine healthcare, training and research. Different facilities are managed by the Foundation, such 2 Training Centres, a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre, a Labour Rehabilitation Centre, a Residential Home, 3 Day Care Centres and 13 supervised flats offer supporting resources to our target groups. In relation to the OUTART project, a group of 23 young people aged of 16 to 21 who gave up their studies was involved; currently, they are following a vocational training managed by INTRAS to become administrative assistants. OUTART will give a great chance for youngsters amongst Europe to be actively involved and undertaken actions, being real protagonists of youth iniciatives, which is one important aim of the Foundation.

For more information please visit www.intras.es



As one of the first private and non-profit organization ŠENT started in 1993 its efforts on the field of community care for mental health in Slovenia. The association is now one of the largest organizations in the field of mental health in Slovenia, which has over 1800 users per year attending different kinds of programs. It has status of humanitarian organization and status of the Association in the public interest. ŠENT is an organization designed for individuals with mental health problems and those who find themselves in the current psychological distress, and all who are interested in mental health care. The mission of the association is the psychosocial rehabilitation of people with mental health problems in order to improve their social status and strengthen their power to care for themselves and especially their potential for creating a quality and independent life. The mission of the association is realized by implementing and developing various programs in more than 30 locations throughout Slovenia, which represent an important supplement to public social services (Day centres, Residential groups, low threshold programs for drug addicts, employment programs, de-stigmatization and prevention, projects on national and international level).

For more information: http://www.sent.si/



CJD is a large, nationwide organisation for youth, education and social work, a Vocational Training Centre. Every year CJD offers orientation and future prospects to 150,000 adolescents and young adults. More than 8000 employees in over 150 locations offer support and teach skills providing education. The main aim of CJD Frechen is the vocational and social rehabilitation of youngsters and young adults in the region around Cologne. Mostly the participants are learning handicapped and in risk of social exclusion. More than 250 young adults live in our boarding home during a two or three years vocational training. We offer vocational training in 25 different working fields, being our goal the officially acknowledged final examination. 

There is a strong emphasize on supporting the trainees in an individual way. We provide our students with a team of pedagogues, psychologists and social workers that supports each participant individually and try to promote learning in small classes. The trainees are also trained in social competences, especially teamwork and communication.

To find out more about CJD in general or CJD Frechen check the homepage: www.cjd-frechen.de 



Kirkkopalvelut is a multi-talent training services, which offers a variety of training options for young people, adults and those with special needs, as well as churches and working communities. It is a training center based on Christian values that works as a functioning multi-disciplinary institution. Kirkkopalvelut offers vocational training for young people and adults, as well as learning for special needs students, offering a comprehensive range of professional and specialist vocational qualifications. This training centre is focussed on work community development, consulting and training services targeted specifically at the social, health and educational work communities and also a wide range of hobby-based short-term courses. 

For more information about us, please visit this website: http://www.kirkkopalvelut.fi http://www.seurakuntaopisto.fi



HUSCIE Ireland is a limited company registered in Dublin, Ireland. The company is a coordinating body providing support, advice and assistance to several youth training centres in the Cork area, that wish to participate in European projects or exchanges. The company has a board of management consisting of a human resource specialist, a psychologist, two training centre managers, two training centre instructors, a careers counsellor and a certified auditor. For the OUTART project, participants have been drawn from Mayfield Youth Training Centre in Cork City. The centre is located in an area of Cork City where there is a high level of unemployment and consequent social problems. The trainees, who are recruited from the immediate area, are mainly “early school leavers”, single parents and others who may have problems fitting into society. The age range is from 16 to 25, both male and female. The centre provides training in vocational skills, catering, construction skills, computer skills, office skills, life skills and formal and informal education and has 60 trainees.



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